Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On Georgia, The Empire, and Apotheosis

Pace Joshua at the Western Confucian, and my heroes at and LewRockwell, the present conflict in the Caucasus is a continued unravelling of the post-cold war geostrategy of the United States, which was in itself merely the apotheosis of the Whig politics born of the historical dialectics of Hegel. With the dissolution of its adversary, the American polity could not resist the temptation to secure a sort of political immortality. Indeed, "apothesosis" is an apt term to describe the dialectics of American foreign policy, for it seeks not to secure from probable harms, to limit risks, and to promote conditions amenable to desirable outcomes, understanding the inherent limits of both knowledge and control, but rather seeks to impose "full spectrum dominance", "prevent the emergence of a peer competitor", and "maintain the geopolitical status quo" in perpetuity. This drive to create an American-led global order that will endure and perdure not merely now, or for the immediate future, but in saecula saeculorum, is nothing less than an attempt at the "deification" of the American state, an arrogant project worthy of Babel, and foreordained to a similarly catastrophic end.

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